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Here's what some Shedwood clients have to say:

Lee Reisch has been the perfect guy to help get me into my new Mac and
DP4 set up. He not only knows the gear and the programs inside out, but
he knows how to communicate the concepts and processes involved in
digital recording to musicians who are coming from a musical background,
but may not be coming from a technical background. He is patient,
thorough, and always willing to go the extra mile to help you understand
and talk you through any problems you may encounter.
Thank you Lee!

Robert Kyle
Dark Delishious Music

"With the founding of Bella Vista Records and Bella Vista Studios this year,
I have been faced with a number of very challenging technical and sonic
issues. From the beginning, Lee Reisch has played a pivotal role. From
running cables, to gear advice, to motivational and forward thinking, Lee
has been outstanding. Additionally, Lee schooled me brilliantly on all
aspects of Pro Tools and engineering techniques relating to Pro Tools and
its marriage with my vintage gear. I cannot recommend him or his services
highly enough. Lee, you rock!"

--Tom Langford, Founder, Bella Vista Records.

I met Lee when I was working with a producer with a big mouth and little
The tracks I got were technically as bad as you can get. Lee earned his
"Midas" status with me when we listened to the difference after we finished
mixing. I have been booking time with him at every opportunity ever since.
He is professional, fast, friendly and we have never argued about anything;
he does what I tell him I want, without wasting time. In this industry it is
rare to find such a talent willing to help as much as Lee does. I put my
reputation on the record saying Lee is truly a great person, a great
engineer/producer, and a great artist. He is even working on my website!
When you hear how I made it, you will know the guy that made it happen, Lee

Tim "TYPE" Jordan

Lee got me jump-started using Digital Performer. It was worth every penny to
get his personalized, one-on-one instruction, thus bypassing the frustration
and confusion of trying to learn such a complex program from the manual
alone. Even taking a class is nowhere near as effective as having Lee show
you how to setup and use your OWN gear, in your own studio. Lee makes
learning fun with his enthusiasm and his patient, supportive, friendly

Stephanie Bennett

I've really appreciated the work that Lee from Shedwood has done on my web
His artistic input really enhanced my web sites, along with his flash

Laurie Miller

Web Site:
Art Gallery:
Flash Gallery:

Hey Lee!

Thanks for your help with my Mac G4 and helping to unlock some of the
mysteries of Digital Performer.
It's working great now- Our next job is working with samples in Mach 5.
should be interesting.
Looking forward to it!

Thanks Again - See Ya Soon

Steve Donovan

Lee Reisch trained me with my DP3 system, and was extremely helpful and
knowledgeable in helping me set it up and get it running. (And I was a
total novice at the time.) He's a good guy and I enjoyed working with him.
One thing's for sure, Lee knows DP3 and Macintoshes!

Lester Lewis
TV Writer/Producer - "Hidden Hills", "Three Sisters", "Caroline In The
City", "The Larry Sanders Show"

Dear Lee,

Thank you so much for getting my iMac up and running.
It was truely a phenomenal feat! Once I get that
attachment for memory, I want you back to fine tune
the rest.

I'm also interested in your updating my website, The work I saw on your existing
websites was wonderful.

Your expertise is profoundly appreciated and you are
my new best friend. I will certainly recommend you to
any of my Mac friends having any kind of difficulty
with their computers or anyone in need of a
beautifully designed website or refurbishing an old

Thank you again,

Terre Bridgham

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